We offer intensive choreography and technique FLAMENCO workshops for your groups of all levels.

Duration of the workshops (2 to 5 days) and intensity (how many hours a day) can be fitted especially to the needs and level of your group. The workshops are possible for groups from 4 people onwards, with musicians, in a dance studio in the center of town.

The workshop is possible in English, Spanish, French or Dutch.

Upcoming workshops

30 June + 1 July

Dansen met zang en gitaarbegeleiding, Planeet M, Gent (link).

Online workshops

We offer online classes with access to recorded videos of the sessions or videos with material to practice. This makes it possible to improve your footwork techniques, learn new rhythms or practice castañuelas, at a distance.

Contact us to ask about the possibilities and prices. Classes can be given in English, Spanish, French or Dutch.