About Mov.es

Mov.es is the name of the flamenco project created by Belgian flamenco dancer Eva Verbruggen. The project originated from the desire to gather artists in a creative movement and thus started with establishing a studio space in Seville, a place where dancers and musicians could work together developing their ideas in an open atmosphere.

Eva Verbruggen aimed for developing her potential as a dancer and bring her creative visions to life in collaboration with other artists.

This resulted in a number of productions. “Iberia” named after the suite for piano composed by Isaac Albéniz resulted from a collaboration between Eva Verbruggen and the pianist Elisabeth De Bock. “Momento Flamenco” (2014) is a flamenco show in a traditional format brought by dancer Eva Verbruggen, with an evolving set of accompanying artists.

The latest Mov.es production “Sevilla suena” is a flamenco show based on Seville’s soundscape and premiered in Belgium, in February 2019. The show was developed in close collaboration with flamenco dancer Marta Arias. Furthermore, the guitarist Gori Mazo, singer Sara Holgado and percussionist Javier Prieto also contributed in the creative process.

The aim of Mov.es is to continue as a collective flamenco project involving different artists in new creations.