Eva Verbruggen

Eva Verbruggen was born in 1978 in Antwerp, Belgium. At the age of 5, she began to take dance classes, later receiving classical ballet training over 10 years.

In 2002, she started at the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville, and after successfully finishing, having danced under such Flamenco greats as Manolo Soler, Milagros Menjíbar and Rafael Campallo, she entered the Flamenco Abierto dance school, where she continues to study with such noted dancers as Marta Arias and Rosario Toledo and to be inspired by her maestro, Andrés Marín.

In 2017 Eva founded the Flamenco dance company Mov.es Flamenco and currently she dances on stage and in tablaos in Seville, Spain in between trips abroad to teach Flamenco workshops and perform.  In 2019 she debuted her latest show, Sevilla suena, in Belgium.